Mock Election Teaching Unit

These free lessons and classroom activities are specifically geared to prepare your students for a meaningful voting experience in the Washington State Student Mock Election.

Teaching Elections in Washington State
Download the complete curriculum book, written by Washington civics teachers. Lessons meet state and common core standards, and may be used to complete required civics CBAs. Appropriate for grades K-12.

Lesson 1- Citizenship: what's a good citizen?
Students will comprehend and describe characteristics inherent in good citizenship.

Lesson 2- Voters: who votes?
Students will learn the qualifications for voter eligibility and understand the history of voting in the United States.

Lesson 3- Elections: how do they work?
Students will describe the elections process and understand the impact of voter apathy.

Lesson 4- Voting: your vote is your voice
Students will explain the voting process.

Lesson 5- Candidates: watch them run
Students will understand qualifications to run for public office.

Lesson 6- The road to the White House
Students will understand the unique process a candidate must go through to be elected President of the United States.

Lesson 7- Initiatives and referenda
Students will understand how initiatives or referenda make the ballot, and be able to explain the difference between them.

Lesson 8- Sources: is that a fact?
Students will locate reliable sources that assist with the decision-making process and become critical consumers of information as they learn to separate fact from rhetoric.

Lesson 9- Decisions: time to vote
Students will communicate personal priorities that impact voting decisions.

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