College Civics Week

Every April, this event takes over college campuses across Washington. During College Civics Week, the Secretary of State hits the road to visit as many schools as possible to talk about the importance of voting and civic engagement. While we’re on tour, we’ll stop and visit your campus for any event of your choice. We leave the planning to you, and the Secretary is along for the ride with whatever you cook up!

College Civics Week is a fun, informative way to engage students on campus. You can plan a civics day just for the Secretary’s visit, or plan a whole week of events- get creative! Through voter registration drives, guest speakers, community service projects, and other campus activities like workshops, games, documentaries, and contests, you’re sure to inspire fellow students to use their voice and get involved.  We even have some event ideas ready for you.

If you’re interested in bringing College Civics Week to your campus, you can take the lead by becoming a Campus Liaison and ordering free registration materials for your college.

Your enthusiasm and insight are crucial for getting others involved. Join us in giving a voice to the student voters on your campus!