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2007 Primary Voters' Guide

State Senator [1 Year Unexpired Term] - Legislative District 14

Jim Clements

Committee to Elect Jim Clements
PO Box 548
Selah, WA 98942
(509) 698-3377

Senator Jim Clements is a common sense leader who is dedicated and experienced. Jim served 12 years in the House of Representatives before being appointed last January by the Yakima County Commissioners as the best candidate to fill the Senate vacancy. Jim has never missed a day of work in Olympia working hard to represent all of his constituents.

Jim is highly respected by legislators in both parties and as a result had a number of major bills passed this year. In the previous Session, one of Jim’s bills created a task force which he co-chaired to look at sex predator issues. As a result, a number of bills were passed to further protect our children and communities. Currently, Jim will serve on the task force created by his bill to look at gang activity and recommend solutions to this problem. Jim serves on four major Senate Committees, one as ranking Republican.

Under Jim’s leadership, along with help from our representatives, over fifty-six million dollars was brought home for 14th District projects this year.

Jim considers it a privilege to represent you in Olympia and asks for your vote.



Curtis King

Curtis King for Senate
PO Box 10025
Yakima, WA 98909

“Too much legislation from Olympia this year was not good for our Valley. They made it easier to raise property taxes, put off decisions to improve education while removing local control, moved toward socializing health insurance, and failed to pass legislation to decrease crime. Nothing will change sending the same person back to the Senate. We need leaders who can solve problems.” – Curtis King

A successful businessman, Curtis holds degrees in Physics, Math and an MBA. Well-known for his leadership skills and for bringing people together, Curtis gained Yakima the “All-America City” award. He worked to keep Regional Hospital from closing and chairs its Board. He is working with the Gates Foundation for private funding for early learning, and has twice chaired the Central Washington Fair Association plus many community organizations.

Curtis will work to improve education without raising taxes, stop over-regulation that harms businesses, stop the rising crime across our Valley, and keep healthcare in the hands of the people – not the State.

We need new leadership, new direction, and common sense in Olympia. Curtis can get it done. That is why people all across our Valley are supporting Curtis King for State Senator. Visit www.curtisking.org.



Wylie G. Mills

306 North 63rd Ave
Yakima, WA 98908

Wylie Mills, a former Real Estate Construction Developer has been living in Yakima County for more than 63 years. He brings a vast knowledge of construction, new job development, growth policies and economic development to this Valley. He believes in term limits, accountability, budget control, no more stalling from the Building Department Permit Center, and positive communication with the PEOPLE to ensure that the power and decision making are returned to the PEOPLE.

Being the Independent that I am, Wylie will seek an anti Harassment Order against the Prosecuting Attorney, Corporate Council, and four District Court judges, four Superior Court Judges, preventing them from being 300 feet of my place of employment as your Independent Senator. I want to privatize our Jail, and combine the County Building & Planning with the City of Yakima Building Departments, and put a stop to City Hall "Collecting unauthorized Building Permit fees," from selected Contractors.