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  •   (Image courtesy of Washington State Library) Our third and final Library Jewel for August features a rare 1934 map of a county many of you might not know much about: Columbia, located in southeastern Washington between Walla Walla County to the west and Garfield County to the east.  The map shows a proposed reorganization […]
  •  Ferry County flag (Image courtesy of Washington State Archives) Washington’s northern reaches contain some of its larger counties, such as Okanogan, Ferry and Stevens. In our 10th snapshot story, we turn the lens toward Ferry County, a sparsely populated but beautiful county in Washington’s northeastern region. Ferry County was named after Washington’s first governor, a Seattleite […]
  • (Image courtesy of Washington State Library) When you live in a beautiful state like Washington, it’s a given that most people will find a way to enjoy the outdoors. One popular option going back to our territorial days is picnicking. The State Library has this 1873 photo showing how the pioneers did it. (Notice there […]
  • (Image courtesy of Washington State Library) The State Library is a definite go-to place for historical and rare maps of Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Check out this 1784 chart showing the Northwest coast of North America and the Northeast coast of Asia after both coasts were explored in 1778 and 1779 by Captain James […]
  • Some of the crowd at the 1971 Satsop rock festival. (Photo courtesy Washington State Archives) Maybe it’s because its anniversary is fast approaching. Maybe it’s because it was far out and groovy. Or maybe cuz it’s just fun to see old photos of people wearing beads and bell bottoms. Whatever the reason, the photos of […]