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Corporations Search

The Corporations Division now offers additional information, such as names of officers and directors, when you search for corporations registered with the Office of Secretary of State.


Group together words with quotes. Example "Acme Corp"

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Search Tips

There are two main ways to search for corporations registered in Washington; by name or by UBI number. To search by name, use the drop down arrow, choose whether the title: "Contains", "Starts With, or "Ends with" the word(s) you plan to enter. On a "Contains" search you may wish to enter any key word or unusual word to locate your entity. On "Starts With" search you may also try your search by typing in the first two words of the entity name. A "Ends With" search is not generally recommended.

Your search will return a list of all companies that contain the words you entered. Please note that on names that contain initials you may wish to contact our office to search for these @ 360-725-0377.

You may also enter a corporations UBI number. You must enter all 9 digits of the UBI in order to return accurate results. Do not enter spaces when searching by UBI number. Note: If a business has a UBI number, that does not automatically mean they are a registered corporation. If you are unable to find results with your search please use the advanced search function, or contact our office for more assistance.

For more complicated search criteria please use the Advanced Search page. This may allow more sources such as searching by Registered Agent name or entity type.

This service does not confirm name availability information. You must contact our office to verify name availability @ 360-725-0377.

Fee updates and reminders

All Expedited documents are subject to a $50 expedite fee – documents received without the $50 fee will be processed in the order received for regular, nonexpedited filings. Duplicate submissions may cause filing delays.

Free Statements of Change! We are no longer charging for the Statement of Change.

Mobile Search Apps

Available on the App Store Android Market

Corporations Data Download

Download the whole Corporations search database in XML and Text formats. Average file size is 70 Mb compressed, 750 Mb uncompressed.

Search API - New!

We offer a simple API for searching and retrieving corporations data which you may use in your applications and web sites.