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Mailing Address:
600 University St
Ste 1000
Street Address:
600 University St
Ste 1000
Registration #20823


Registration Status Registered
Renew By 05/31/2017
Other Names Used FreeKibble
Global Girlfriend
Hope Faith Love
Autism Site
Breast Cancer Site
Diabetes Site
Literacy Site
Veterans Site
GreaterGood Wholesale
Tory Road
Phone (206)268-5400
Fax ()-
Web Site
Federal EIN 41-1946074

The following financial information has been provided to the Office of the Secretary of State by the above-named organization. Figures are for the organization's fiscal year ending Jun 30, 2015. The Secretary of State's Office does not verify the accuracy of the information or represents that it is accurate.

Contributions $53,366,349
According to the financial information shown at left, 8% of the contributions raised by this organization were returned to or retained by the charity client(s).
Amount to Charity Clients $4,302,261
Some Commercial Fundraisers are not required to submit financial information. If the financial report displayed contains zeros or outdated information, it is possible that the organization is newly registered. Please contact the Charities Program for more specific information.

Commercial Fundraiser's Comments Regarding Solicitation Report
Commercial Fundraiser's Solicitation Comments
Fundraisers Comments Regarding Solicitation Report In Fiscal Year 2015, CharityUSA and The GreaterGood Network of websites generated a total of $4,302,261 for charity. The total amount of contributions received by, LLC from the public in FY 2015 was $2,061,918; 100% was given to charity. The remaining $2,240,344 generated for charity in FY 2015 was from sales of products and advertising. The GreaterGood Network of websites, owned and operated by CharityUSA, LLC offers the public three unique ways to generate money for charity: Advertising: With each daily click on our network of websites, visitors are shown sponsor advertising. We give one hundred percent (l00%) of the collected advertising fees from sponsor advertising to charity through the non-profit, tax-exempt organization No fees are taken out of the charitable payments for administrative costs. Direct Donations: Supporters can also contribute directly to charity by purchasing Gifts That Give More through our store. These direct donations contribute 100% of the amount paid by donors to specific charitable programs throughout the world. Again, no fees are taken out of the charitable payments for administrative costs. Shopping: Supporters can also contribute to charity by purchasing product from our store, including jewelry, apparel and gifts. We pay our charity partners 3-30% of the purchase price of every item sold in our store. The remaining funds generated through the sale of merchandise support the day-to-day operations of CharityUSA, including the original purchase of goods to be sold., LLC is also one of the largest US importers of fair-trade, artisan products made by rural women from areas of conflict and poverty. We sell products from more than 40 countries and work with charity partners to directly import custom jewelry and other products from artisan cooperatives all over the world. We believe we have a responsibility to provide support for local economies and trade, in addition to aid. In 2015, buyers from LLC visited Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Uganda, Haiti, Germany, China, India, and Nepal, in addition to sourcing product made in the United States. We are a mission-driven company, and it is our belief that selling artisan products made by rural women is one of the most important things we can to do reduce intergenerational poverty, and has been correlated with improved education for children, reduced incidence of disease, and increased family and community incomes.
Charities Who Have Retained the Services of the Commercial Fundraiser
None reported

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