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Breast Cancer Prevention Fund

Mailing Address:
1817 Queen Anne Ave N
Ste 206
Street Address:
1817 Queen Anne Ave N
Ste 206
Registration #22013 


Registration Status Failure to Register/Renew
Corporation Name Breast Cancer Prevention Fund View Details »
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Phone (206)285-1232
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Purpose Description To educate women on the importance of mammograms, refer uninsured and underinsured women to local heath clinics for mammograms, and to subsidize the funding of mammograms by way of grants to various Department of Health services and charitable organizations.
Federal EIN 03-0549678
Federal Tax Status Exempt 501C3

The following financial information has been provided to the Office of the Secretary of State by the above-named organization. Figures are for the organization's fiscal year ending Dec 31, 2011. The Secretary of State's Office does not verify the accuracy of the information or represents that it is accurate.

Beginning Assets $412,995
According to the financial information shown at left, this organization devoted 52% of its total expenses to program services during the year reported.
Revenue $3,076,173
Program Services $1,621,172
Total Expenses $3,105,950
Ending Assets $789,953
Some Charitable Organizations are not required to submit financial information. If the financial report displayed contains zeros or outdated information, it is possible that the organization is "exempt" from registration or is newly registered. Please contact the Charities Program for more specific information.

Charity's Comments Regarding Solicitation Report
Breast Cancer Prevention Fund prepares a script to be read during its fundraising calls to individuals. This script is used to allocate costs between programs, management and fundraising for federal tax purposes.

Percentage Allocation for Program 43%

Total Joint Costs* $2,453,953

Program $1,056,612 + Direct program expenses $564,061 = Total program expenses $1,620,673

Management and Fundraising $1,397,341 = Direct management & fundraising expenses** $87,936 = Total management & fundraising expenses $1,485,277

Total Program, Administration, and Fundraising $3,105,950

* Federal joint costs do not include direct management & fundraising expenses of $87,936.

** Direct management and fundraising expenses include direct management & fundraising costs of $76,880 and bank fees of $11,056.
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