Charities Registration Forms

Charities Renewal Form
The Charitable Solicitations Renewal form is available online. Renewal notices are generated approximately 60 days prior to the organizations renewal due date. However, if needed, organizations may contact the Charities Program directly at (360) 725-0378 or by email at to request a manually generated form.

» Amendment
The Amendment form allows organizations to update, amend, or expand on previously submitted registration information. Change of organization name, address, telephone number, and the addition of an “also known as” name are some examples of when organizations use the Amendment form.

» Fundraising Service Contract Registration Form - Commercial Fundraiser
This application is completed and filed any time a charitable organization enters into a contractual agreement with a commercial fundraiser. A photocopy of the parties' contract and $20.00 filing fee must accompany the registration form.

» Optional Statement for an Exempt Organization
The Optional Statement is completed by organizations that are not required to register under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The statute and regulations outline activities and organizations that are exempt from registration. This registration document is an optional filing with a $20.00 filing fee. The Charities Program encourages qualifying organizations to file the Optional Statement in order to better respond to public inquiries. Any subsequent information changes (updates) should be made by submitting the Optional Statement and a $10.00 filing fee.

» Required Contents for Fundraising Service Contract Agreements
The Charitable Solicitations Act identifies required elements that must be present in a contract between a charitable organization and a commercial fundraiser or commercial coventurer. An outline of those requirements has been provided to assist charitable organizations that have entered into a contractual relationship with another entity for fundraising services.

» Suggested Guidelines to Complete the Washington State Solicitation Report - For IRS Form 990 Filers
Suggested guidelines are provided for organizations that file IRS Form 990, 990EZ or 990PF and need assistance when completing the Washington State Solicitation Report of the registration document. These are suggested guidelines only and may not apply to every organization or circumstance and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

» Summary of Disclosure Requirements

» Summary of Registration Requirements

» Supplemental Solicitation Report for Charitable Organizations
The Supplemental Solicitation Report is used in specific circumstances that allow organizations to update, amend, or expand on a previously submitted financial report. Change in fiscal year, and amendment of previously filed financial data are some examples of when organizations use the Supplemental Solicitation Report

» URS Addendum
The Washington State Unified Registration Statement Addendum is utilized by organizations required to register who have opted to submit the Unified Registration Statement (URS) to the Charities Program in lieu of the state specific registration or renewal form. The addendum captures required information that is not contained in the URS. Registration is required prior to conducting solicitations in Washington. The registration process includes providing a copy of the financial document filed with the Internal Revenue Service (990, 990EZ or 990PF), a copy of the Determination Letter provided by the IRS (with initial filing) and a $20 filing fee for initial registration or $10 for renewal. The information contained in the registration is public record. Registration is not represented as an endorsement by the Secretary of State.

» Unified Registration Form
Charitable Organizations that solicit in multiple states may use the Unified Registration Statement which can be downloaded from the Multi-State Filer Project at