Microfilm Scanning to Digital Images

Wicks and Wilson RS200 Scanstation

Existing microfilm images can be converted to digital images and incorporated into a new or existing document management system.

The Wicks and Wilson RS200 Scanstation is one of the fastest roll film scanners on the market. It can scan through large legacy collections of 16mm open spool film, 16mm cartridges, 16mm C-clips and 35mm open spool film. The Wicks and Wilson RS200 is a fully featured scanning system with the following features:

  • 16 and 35mm roll film
  • 100-600 dpi resolution including SMARTSCAN
  • 180 frames per minute (200 dpi, bitonal , A4)
  • Manual framing, cropping, de-skew, rotation
  • Multilevel blip and edge detection
  • Optional automatic de-skew and centering
  • Optional 256 level greyscale output
  • Optional 1000ft (30m) spools
  • Optional PDF output
  • OCR conversion engine for image file naming/directory path

For more information about converting your microfilm images to computer-searchable digital images, please contact the Imaging and Preservation Manager at (360) 586-0108 or ImagingCustomerService@sos.wa.gov.